Project Portfolio 1

Generally, the way I’d describe my piece is by comparing it to an intro from a tutorial video on YouTube. When. I made this piece I brought together a few relative sounds id hear every day. I went to the laundry mat and the washer was on rinse. It made a click sound from my jacket that I mimicked into the HH track. 


When describing my Bass and Rhythm tracks, I’d say they are the base of the whole piece. They coexist to bring out the tones and feeling. The main reason I liked this part of the project is because I like to create a vibe or feeling when making my songs. I would think this would be the foundation of everything you hear. 


My Harmony and Melody is in the Key of C and uses 

G-E-C 1

F-D-B 7 

A-F-D 2

F-D-B 7

I actually had a few peers listen to it and they liked the smooth tone it brought even with the 7thchord. I had to try a few different inverted voicings to get it to work but once I found it the melody was very nice. The Steinway piano gives a deeper piano sound which warms up the whole piece. 


My mic recorded track was done pretty harshly. In Audio 2 , Im missing my usb adapter and couldn’t use my scarlett interface or seinhieser mic to record it. It could be well redone and improved in my opinion. 


In my audio track I used a compressor and echo for delay as a time-based and dynamic effect in my project. I usually go with those as my first choice on vocals to fill spaces and create a fuller sound of the voice. Echo is my #1 time-based effect because I feel like everyone loves a perfectly used echo. It creates a catchy feel of the music and/or vocal. 

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